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celluloid_1cons's Journal

I wish my life was a non-stop hollywood movie show,
A fantasy world of celluloid villains and heroes,
Because celluloid heroes never feel any pain
And celluloid heroes never really die.

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Any base icons posted can be altered.
Please comment when you take something.
Credit is not necessary but if you want to credit use either celluloid_1cons or deadbetty

Gratuitous Pimping

Velvet Demon - Is my website devoted to the film Velvet Goldmine. You can also visit the accompanying LiveJournal at velvet_demon

The Mad Capper - A website that houses most of the screen captures I've made.

just_cappy is my screen capture journal. A complete list of all my captures can be found there.

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Icon Contest Entries and Banners

I'm a proud contributor to:

Please visit these great Icon Journals and Icon Communities:

cultfilm_icons - A cult film icon contest community
cebo_challenge - A Placebo icon contest community
iconchat - To chat about everything icon related
iconrants - To air your iconing pet peeves
cap_it - Screen Captures Galore

Brush Resources

Thank you to all the brush makers who contribute their fantastic brushes. It is much appreciated.

100x100_brushes brushaddicts __3ppl brokenicon crumblingwalls neverlandwendy oh_pants __kali__ saava kimberly_a quebelly kurogane hecatesknickers wednesday_icons dark_soul_lost _joni_ callmefreak damnskippytoo leftofmyheart parrotdroppings teh_indy icons_with_love pekeana shewaselectric eevee_gurl hanako_lovely anesthezea likegunfire calixa blimey_icons creative_coaxme dragong miggy dojie inexorablyhere lilmonstericons saturness kamino hecatesknickers laurad311 purposeicons inexorablyhere disorderedmind cdg_brushes shagalote wherethewind__ slaygalthessily prettywitchstar ohpaintbrush hitzusin leggyslove fophead by_grace_alone notimetoplay saniagreenleaf claudia6913 joli_papier saltsweetbitter setsuntamew palmaceae endlessdeep pilot slaygalthessily drave syndarys elenna_nore cala_jane onecoldcanadian lilmonstericons littlekfru gamin1432 medelle myownsatellite _euroticket hotoko slipbucketlove haito catlove paperdolldesign _euroticket framedinblood ruuk vblackangelv wherethewind__ _synergy honerbright

Please also check out my Resource Post for more information.

Brush sites

Unyielding Brushes, In*X*plicable Design, Such a Strange Girl, Darian Graphics, Classic.tere-art, Zantika Designs, Lush Brushes, Miss M, Adams Web BitzNotoriously-Anonymous, vbrush, Morbid-Romantic, PaPeR FLOwERs, 1GREENEYE, Alda.B Designing, Angelic-Trust, Au Fin Fond, c.austic.s.oda, Colour-Dreams, Digital--Bristle, Enchanted Designs, Blazing Brushes, Jaded Reality, Forbidden Fire, Jenn'Sanity, Lie Entertainment, Nefarious Brushes, Nymphaea, Oblation Brushes, Orchid, photoBreed, SimplyBrush, Studio911Design, Thuggndivazdollz